Become an A2Ethics Volunteer

A2Ethics is an all-volunteer organization. Without our remarkable volunteers, we would not exist. 

Our volunteers are committed board members--and the many accomplished individuals who serve as moderators, judges, scorekeepers and timers for the annual Michigan High School Ethics Bowl. They include our fantastic MC, judges, timers, scorekeepers, question submitters and everyone else behind our annual Big Ethical Question Slams in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.   

Not only can you volunteer for A2Ethics events. You can get involved in several other ways: 

  • Write a case study for the annual Michigan High School Ethics Bowl. Michigan Bowl case studies are special. Unlike other regional bowls, our program invites Michigan residents to write the complex ethical issue scenarios that student teams discuss at the competition. Michigan Bowl case writers are a phenomenal group, and come from diverse professions and occupations, among them medicine, business, education, sport, the military and media.
  • Field a team for the Big Ethical Question Slam, our annual improv competitions in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. We love welcoming new Slam teams from community nonprofits, local businesses, trade organizations, clubs and schools.
  • Ask us to do an audio podcast on a particular topic that needs an ethics voice. Alternatively, participate in a podcast interview yourself. We are very interested in learning about the ethics of your work (Working Ethics podcast series) or how you decided to join an ethics-linked profession or occupation (Michigan Ethics Economy podcast series). 
  •  Attend and take part in one of our public programs that focus a philosophy lens on the major ethical issues of our time. Get involved by staying informed.

Please join the A2Ethics volunteer network today. To do so, contact us for more information.