2011 Slam Questions

1. Are work bonuses, for any job, whether the bonuses are large or small, really fair? 

2. Should a public official solicit charitable contributions from businesses under her supervision? 

3. If a colleague comes to work drunk, should you cover for him? 

4. During finals week at colleges, should the use of stimulants, such as Adderall, be banned? 

5. Should entertainment celebrities be banned from engaging in political diplomacy with foreign countries?

6. If a nonprofit or charity discovers that a donation it has received is from a donor who earned the money unethically, should the donation be returned? 

7. If someone does you a legal wrong, should you be able to help determine the punishment given to that person? 

8. What should an ethical wardrobe include?

9. Do Facebook friends have obligation toward each other that they do not have toward strangers?

10. How should you reassure a friend who thinks a witch has cast a spell on him or her? 

11. If someone tells an offensive joke, is it your responsibility to speak up about it? 

12. If you find out your child's teacher is teaching something you think is ethically wrong, should you intervene? 

12. What are the main ethical responsibilities of a coach? 

14. Should you write a book about your children's personal problems? 

15. Am I obligated to lend money to family? 

16. Is there a right to health care, and if so what services does it include? 

17. Is water a basic human right? If so, then should it be made available to everybody regardless of where they live and their economic satus? 

18. What is the most important employee right?  For what reasons? 

18. Are there limits to busines or coporate responsiblity?  If so, what are these limits? 

19. In a flu epidemic where vaccinations are limited, who in the community should be vaccinated first and why? 

20. Is assisted suicide ever justified? If so, under what circumstances?

21. What should we find disgusting and why?  Should we base our ethical decisions on what we find disgusting? 

22. What are the virtues of the 21st century? 

23. Suppose there is a legal drug which enables employees to enjoy their work and to work more efficiently. This drug has no side effects. Should employers require employees to take this drug? 

24. Should there be limits to private financing of political campaigns by candidates?

25. Under what circumstances is it best to lie? 

26. Is sabotage for the cause of protecting the environment--such as destroying construction equipment at a new housing development to prevent urban sprawl--a prank or an act of terrorism? 

27. Are women more likely to be business whistleblowers? 

28. What is the worst ethical offense that an athlete can commit? 

29. Because of our capacity to make everything public, will we come to think of privacy as ethically wrong? And would that be good? 

30. What should mercy mean to a doctor? 

31. What should mercy mean to an athlete? 

31. What should mercy mean to a business owner? 

32. Is it possible for someone who has weak character to be ethical? 

33. If a public official follows his constituents against his/her better judgment on an issue, is that wrong? 

34. Should a community be obligated to provide jobs for all adults? 

35. Should schools mandate ethics education?