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The Big Ethical Question SlamThe 2014 Big Ethical Question Slam Sponsor Information 

A2Ethics: Who We Are and How We Got Started is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethics through education, social networking and collaborative events. 

We were launched by three community leaders in 2008 as a social media website for young people, focused on workplace ethics. 

We expanded our mission, however, to include resources, programs and events for all generations--covering a wide range of ethics topics--from workplace ethics to medical ethics.


What We Offer the Community

A broad spectrum of media resources, programs, events and partnerships, including: Podcast collections such as Working Ethics and the Michigan Ethics Economy Initiative.  Support networks and intergenerational events, such as Generational Leaders and the Michigan High School Ethics Bowl.  Collaborative educational exhibits (“Liberty Awakes”), public lectures, panel discussions, and theatrical performances (“Murder Music”).

And we offer special community events, including--

Our Flagship Event: The Big Ethical Question Slam   

A one-of-a-kind annual improv competition that challenges teams of community members representing their organizations to discuss broad ethical questions and have their answers evaluated by a panel of local judges and a local audience.

The first Slam in 2011 drew a maximum number of nine teams and a capacity crowd of 65

The second Slam in 2012 drew a maximum number of six teams and a standing-room-only crowd of 100+.

Slam 3 in 2013, not only attracted the maximum number of teams and a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100, it received major publicity through an August feature article written in The Rotarian, the official publication of Rotary International. Further, the highlights of the 2013 Slam can be seen in a YouTube video showcasing the event.   

Many “virtual” audience members listened and watched: the event is live streamed via the web and later available for downloading and sharing. 

The winning team receives a grand prize of $600 for their organization.

The Slam attracts diverse groups, ranging from Arbor Hospice and Think Local First to The Dispute Resolution Center and teams representing area schools.

Why the Slam Needs Sponsors

The A2Ethics 2014 Slam costs are expected to be $2,000--for organizing, hosting and archiving.

Of these costs, about 25% is covered by team fees ($35.00) and tickets ($5.00).  The Slam venue has limited capacity.

Sponsor Benefits

  • An important well-attended community event that encourages people of all ages, varied occupations/professions with different views, to talk with each other about the big issues of our time in an amicable and social setting.
  • Providing support for an increasingly popular education/entertainment event in our community.
  • Getting credit: sponsor names and logos appear in promotion materials, including email blasts, press releases, flyers, posters, media interviews and PSAs.
  • Promoting sponsor's contribution to community dialogue.
  • Affiliation with A2Ethics, a local organization that works for the public and common good.

All these benefits for a contribution of $800 or more. 

Please join us for the 2014 A2Ethics Big Ethical Question Slam on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at Conor O'Neill's Traditional Irish Pub in Ann Arbor.  Become a sponsor!

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