DYO Ethics Symposia Archive

 8.21.2021 - Banking Responsibility (Gabe)

9.11.2021 - Automated Intelligence and Machine Learning (Gabe)
10.19.2021 - Gene Editing (Gabe)
11.2.2021 - Social Media (Gabe)
12.7.2022 - Data Privacy (Gabe)
1.18.2022 - Genetic Sequencing and Testing (Veronica)
2.1.2022 - Population Genetics (Veronica)
  • A Stat news article describing what's wrong with the human reference genome, and why we should care. 
  • A TED-style talk on how increased access to genetic information can inform our understanding of race, ethnicity, and ancestry. 
  • A Journal of Ethics article on the Havasupai debacle and how it cautions future attempts to solicit genetic information from vulnerable communities.
2.22.2022 - CRISPR, open-access research, and bioweapons (Veronica)
  • A brief pros/cons summary about the Open Access movement in scientific research and the responses from different stakeholders.
  • A YouTube video on Josiah Zayner, a "biohacker" who wants to make gene-editing more accessible to everyone. 
  • And please see the attached PDF to read an article about CRISPR-Cas9 and the potential for bioweapons. This article is a bit long, so if you do not want to read all of it, I recommend reading the following sections: I.Introduction, IV. Analysis, and V. Conclusion. 
3.15.2022 - Gene Drives (Veronica)
  • A Vox video explaining how gene drives work and how they are being applied to reduce the spread and incidence of malaria in Africa.
  • A Vox article (accompanying the video) that goes more into detail about gene drives. Like the video, the article focuses on the effort to fight malaria, but it also reviews other applications of gene drives. 
  • A brief podcast episode featuring an interview with Dr. Alekos Simoni, one of the Imperial College London researchers working on the Target Malaria consortium to eliminate malaria via gene drives.
3.29.2022 - GMOs (Veronica)
  • A Kurzgesagt video summarizing the potential costs and benefits of GMO use.
  • An article on the ethics of GM foods. 
  • (Attached) An excerpt from Paul B. Thompson's From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for All (Chapter 7). I recommend pp.210-226, but if you are short on time you can just read pp.210-215. (You are also welcome to read the whole chapter for a better overview of issues!)
5.4.2022 - Rate That Abortion (Matt)
  • Matt's Book (1-4)
5.18.2022 - Factors Bearing on Abortion's Morality (Matt)
  • Matt's Book (5-10)
6.1.2022 - Final Thoughts on Abortion (Matt)
  • Matt's Book (11-13)
8.31.2022 - Human Rights and the Death Penalty (Grant)
9.14.2022 - The Death Penalty and Society (Grant)
  • An article discussing the financial consequences of the death penalty
  • video of a woman whose family was murdered discussing her thoughts on the death penalty
9.28.2022 - International Applications of the Death Penalty (Grant)
  • An article discussing Singapore's execution of an intellectually challenged individual
  • An article discussing Singapore's attitude towards the death penalty
  • An article discussing South Africa's abolishment of the death penalty in the 90s.
10.12.2022 Vigilantes and Ethics Part 1 (Sandy)
11.9.2022 Vigilantes and Ethics Part 2 (Sandy)
  • Age of Consent: Canada's Original Vigilante Pedophile Hunter