The World Premiere Big Ethical Question Slam Photo Gallery

What was the spark for the first Big Ethical Question Slam? At, we are tired of people slamming ethics. We are concerned that ethics is given top billing by our leaders, but is treated like an extracurricular program in our educational institutions, or regarded as just another field that has to justify its existence as a job provider or of economic value. So, we started a different kind of ethics slam. The Big Ethical Question Slam. We want to give ethics its due. Its own show. Never mind its economic value. It IS values. 

A2Ethics board member, and the evening's whistleblower, Martha Bloom expertly announces the rules.


A2Ethics board member and Slam MC extraordinaire, Erin Mattimoe, presents the judges and the teams.

Slam judges considering what they will say about a team's answer to the question: what does an ethical wardrobe look like? Judge Paul Saginaw seems to be all set; has he concluded that ethical wardrobes include hats?  

Judges Paul Saginaw, Peg Talburtt and Julian Wan; are they smiling because they are glad to be evaluating rather than answering the Big Ethical Questions? Probably not. The judges had to work as hard as the teams, giving the teams their own thoughts about the answers.

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