The World Premiere Big Ethical Question Slam Photo Gallery:The Teams

The teams in the Big Ethical Question Slam were, quite simply, terrific. Critical. Thoughtful. Funny. Eloquent. Temperate in their competitive zeal. Knowledgeable. Clever. Patient with the fact that this was our first time. And they will be first in our hearts forever for helping us get the Slam started and for making it worthwhile.

For the teams, the Slam offered an opportunity to get together to do something for someone else. One team joined up to share any proceeds with its school ecology club. Another wanted to give the prize to a scholarship fund. Yet another, was interested in giving money to its alternative spring break service programs. Below are the nine teams. To obtain more information about their community interests and the good things they do for our area, please go to their websites.  

 Community High School Zebras

The DRCs (The Dispute Resolution Center)

Arbor Hospice Ethics

Next Generation Philanthropists

Dedicated to Make A Change; L3C

The Hypoethicals (Eastern Michigan University Dept. of Diversity and Community Involvement)

Intentional Communities of Washtenaw

Greenhills School Gryphons

Dickinson Do-Wrighters (Dickinson Wright)

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