Our Mission

A2Ethics is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethics and philosophy initiatives through events, education and civic partnerships in local communities. Ann Arbor, Michigan is our home community. It's also embedded in our name: A2 is local shorthand for Ann Arbor. Our home is a world-renowned educational hub with several ethics research centers and world-class philosophy scholars. Local businesses have a tradition of social responsibility and the Ann Arbor area has a legacy of support for social innovations. And in our role as social connectors---we are developing and expanding an "ethics network" of organizations and individuals supportive of our mission. 

A2Ethics has been created to: 

  • Promote the value of an "philosophy lens" to expand awareness of the impact of ethical ideas on community practices and policies. 
  • Present original events and exhibits to introduce ethics and philosophy insights and research to the public.
  • Strengthen existing and emerging ethics networks in local communities. 

As part of the ubiquitous web, A2Ethics.org programs can be heard around the world. Which is why, in the near future, we can easily imagine an AustinEthics.org... a DublinEthics.org... or a RioEthics.org... each offering programs that reflect the distinct "ethics voices" of these widely-dispersed places.

The Slam