2022 Michigan High School Ethics Bowl

2022 Michigan High School Ethics Bowl

The annual showcase of high school student learning and potential in philosophy and ethics continues to grow. After a successful 2021 Virtual event, the Ninth Bowl returns again as a virtual festival featuring the ideas, experiences and understanding of almost 150 students from four counties in lower Michigan.

Fourteen teams from nine Bowl schools examine sixteen new Case Studies, that in 2022, focus on questions about obligations to family and to wild animals, corporate and employee responsibility, and the moral consequences of secrecy and surveillance.

The Michigan Ethics Bowl is not only a team challenge and a collective quest for knowledge. The Michigan Ethics Bowl recognizes the potential for people from different ethics traditions and with different ideas to listen, learn and celebrate their interests in philosophy together.


For the 2022 Case Studies and more information, go to 2022 Michigan Virtual HS Ethics Bowl.





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