2022 Detroit Big Ethical Question Slam

Make it memorable. Take part in the World Premiere of the Detroit Big Ethical Question Slam.

Join us as we listen, learn and cheer on bold and spirited teams of Detroiters present and take turns in offering their best ideas, experiences and wisdom about a few confounding and current ethical questions that they know about in advance. Thinking out loud and together is all happening at the first ever Detroit Slam on Thursday, July 14, 2022 at HopCat Detroit.

What is unique and special about a Big Ethical Question Slam?

It's a "think-off" with oversized aspirations. That's the BIG part. It's also a congenial community get-together over drinks and eats (the famous HopCat fries) to discuss the whats, hows and whys of doing the right thing. That's the ETHICAL QUESTION component. 

And it's a night of noise and bang, incisive commentary and...impact. That's where the SLAM comes in.

The Big Ethical Question Slam gives teams a chance to compete for a $600 Grand Prize...and become boastful keepers of "The Spirit of Detroit" trophy as the 2022 Detroit City Ethics Slam champions in the World Premiere and the year.    

So do the right thing.

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Join us. Bring your supporters and fans.