Design Your Own Ethics Symposia Series

 A New Symposia Model For Our Times

The Design Your Own (DYO) Ethics Symposia reimagine the convivial benefits of ancient "thinking with friends fests" and modern academic confabs. Our new, online version invites "linkers and thinkers," 16 years old and over to embrace the maker model and DIY spirit. We call on citizen designers to develop a question and deliberative discussion series about an ethics topic they care about. The participants--citizen symposiasts--try on and reason through their own distinctive insights, perspectives and disagreements. 

The Symposia debuted in 2021. Five designers created compelling series to discuss with Symposiasts on subjects as diverse as the death penalty, abortion, data privacy, vigilantism, and gene ethics.

The DYO Ethics Symposia series allows everyone to contribute their own ideas and views about a specific subject through an ethics lens, and in so doing, design a new community of shared interests that spark and sustain future conversations across many additional ethics topics. 

Find out about the 2023 DYO Ethics Symposia season.