Become a Slam Sponsor

Sponsors: Indispensable and Beneficial

Why should you consider becoming a sponsor of our flagship event? Because to put it simply, we need you. 

Annual costs for the Big Ethical Question Slam are usually around $2,500. This amount includes prize money and related expenses, such as drinks and snacks for volunteers, plus some very basic marketing, digital archiving, printing and supplies, and event mementos.  Of these costs, approximately 8% are covered by team registration fees at $35.00 per team.  

Sponsorship is A Good Thing for the Community...

You can help to support the Slam financially in two key ways: 

  • You can give a donation to A2Ethics and designate the Slam as the recipient of the gift. 
  • Your business, foundation or community organization can make a gift of $800 or more and become the Slam Sponsor for a given year. For example, in 2013, A2Ethics received a sponsor-sized donation from Mendenhall Associates International (MAI), a locally-based and internationally known healthcare information firm. In addition to paying operational expenses for the Slam, MAI's generosity also allowed us to produce a video of the 2013 Slam which we now use to introduce the Slam to new teams and to respond to the many groups interested in hosting a slam in their cities and towns. 

And Good Thing for You. 

The benefits to you are substantial. As a sponsor: 

  • You'll have the satisfaction of supporting a unique, well-attended, educational and highly entertaining community event. The Slam encourages people of all ages, occupations and different views to talk with each other about the big issues of our time in an amicable social setting.
  • You'll be recognized for promoting positive and meaningful dialogue on relevant topics in the community. 
  • We'll put you in the limelight during the evening of the Slam and in the run-up to the event. Your name--or your organization's name and what you do--will be prominently displayed in email blasts, press releases, flyers, posters, media interviews, PSAs, the A2Ethics website and affiliated social media, and any other promotional materials.
  • You'll be the one and only sponsor for the year's Slam. So, your name won't get lost in a sea of logos.  
  • You'll be publicly affiliated with, a local organization with a growing profile, known for its work on behalf of advancing discussions about ethics in public and professional life.


If you have questions or would like to become a Slam sponsor for the year, please contact A2Ethics directly at: [email protected]