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Student Voices

"Most Compelling Case" Podcast Series

Basil Baccouche—Michigan and National High School Ethics Bowl participant—discusses his many fond memories of Ethics Bowl, including his favorite case (how hospice providers should handle patients racist towards their staff).

Elton Li—UM Ethics Bowl founder and longtime A2Ethics collaborator—discusses the ethics of hate speech, including burning the Qur'an.

Kate Leary—UM Ethics Bowl alumna and recent graduate of the University of Michigan Philosophy Department—discusses her favorite case from her time with the team: "Bodily Identity Integrity Disorder," a case from the 2016 Regional Bowl that explores the boundaries of medicine. 

Matt Reardon—Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl alumnus, Harvard Law School 3L, and President of Effective Altruism at Harvard—discusses how a faculty hiring committee should deal with a job candidate disadvantaged by his appearance. 

Cullen O'Keefe—UM Ethics Bowl alum, former A2Ethics intern, and current Harvard Law School student—discusses whether transgender individuals should be able to access restrooms that accord with their internal sense of self (their "gender identity") rather than their sex as assigned at birth.