Sketchy Conversations with Philosophers of All Sorts

Shoham Geva, 2017 A2Ethics Intern.


Shoham is a 2017 graduate of the University of Michigan, where she majored in political science. Beginning her freshman year, she worked for the campus newspaper, The Michigan Daily, in a variety of reporting roles, taking a turn as Editor in Chief in the fall of 2016. Shoham dutifully descended on D.C. for two her version of "Ms. Geva Goes to Washington" (Replacing "Mr. Smith" and Jimmy Stewart). Upon her return senior year, she serendipitously discovered A2Ethics. We feel the stars were aligned.

During her time as an A2Ethics intern, Shoham has completed several projects. Most notably, she contributed her prodigious research, communications and writing skills to the success of our local government innovation project on Participatory Budgeting, showcasing the successful resident budget participation program of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Most recently, Shoham served as project manager for A2Ethics' inaugural Michigan High School Ethics Case Study Competition. Before Shoham ends her too short time with A2Ethics to start a Fellowship with Civic Consulting Alliance in Chicago, we decided it would be quite right and felicitous to feature Shoham in our first interview in Sketchy Conversations with Philosophers of All Sorts.