When Do I Get To Play? The Athletic Trainer Should Know

Concussions. Dehydration.  Fraternization with players.  Pressures from coaches, parents and athletes to give the nod to go back into the game after getting injured.  Athletic trainers have a lot of ethical issues to worry about. How are they able to balance and deal with the many dilemmas they face? And what are athletic trainers for anyway? What are their roles and obligations on the field and off? 

We talked to Catherine Noble, an Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) student at the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology about the 'health and well-being' culture of athletic training and how their body of knowledge, hands-on experience, and above all their ethos, have increasingly made them central players in today's games and sports.

This podcast is part of the a2ethics.org Working Ethics Series, whose aim is to ramble around our community asking people in their 20s and 30s about the ethics of their work.