Do Actors Have Ethics?

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Most people just assume actors take any part they can get. And that actors will do anything, including acting unethically, to get a part. But, as it turns out, actors may have limits too. Or do they?

Find out by listening to the panel discussion hosted by Barton Bund, artistic director and co-founder of the Blackbird Theatre and a cast of veteran actors that he gathered to tell us what matters ethically to actors.

The actors in the panel discussion are: Jon Bennett, Oliver Darrow, Dana Sutton,Lynch Travis, and David Wolber.

This panel is the inaugural podcast for an ongoing exploration of ethics in the performing arts that we plan to do every now and then, when we can gather artists together to talk about their art and their skills as they relate to ethical and social concerns. We are calling it the "Ethics for Actors and Artists Series."

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