Authors Talk: Teri Turner on Racist Patients

For the second episode of our "Authors Talk" series, we chatted with Teri Turner, RN, BSN, MS, CHPN. Teri  recently retired from her position as Director of Clinical Services at Arbor Hospice. She has been involved in the specialty of hospice care for 23 years. Teri has wide-ranging experience in international health care and a special interest in the impact of culture on health. After graduating from the University of Michigan with an MS in Health Services Administration, she accepted a post in the Middle East and worked there for almost a decade. She routinely serves as a guest lecturer at the University of Michigan Schools of Social Work and Public Health; as a presenter at clinical and volunteer service conferences for the Michigan Hospice and Palliative Care Association; and as an invited speaker to international hospice seminars, most recently in Yokohama, Japan. She has also been a member of Ethics Committees, including St. Joseph Mercy Hospital as well as Arbor Hospice. Along with her colleagues from Arbor Hospice, Teri has been an early supporter of A2Ethics initiatives, among them the annual Big Ethical Question Slam, in which the Arbor Hospice Ethics team has appeared four times. In 2015, Arbor Hospice Ethics won the Slam, going on to represent the United States in the first (and probably only) International Big Ethical Question Slam-Off with the champion Slammers from Winnipeg, Canada.

In this podcast, we talk about the case Teri wrote for the 2016 Michigan High School Ethics Bowl: "Visiting Mr. X." Listeners may recall that previous interviewee and Ethics Bowl participant Basil Baccouche chose "Visiting Mr. X" as his "Most Compelling Case." We also talk about some of the unique ethical issues raised by hospice and end-of-life care.