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Michigan Women in Politics Today: The White House Project Talk and Tour

It took over 70 years for women in Michigan to get the right to vote, casting their ballots for the first time in1918. It took another 85 years for Michigan voters to elect the first female governor with the inauguration of Jennifer Granholm. What does the future hold for women in Michigan politics?

Please join us for a Talk and Tour on Saturday, February 26, 2011 from 1-3pm

The Talk: "From Voting to Governing: Michigan Women in Politics Today," featuring Shannon Garrett, Great Lakes Regional Director, The White House Project.

The Tour: "Liberty Awakes: When Women Won the Vote in Washtenaw County," the first historical exhibit celebrating the local stars of the suffrage movement.

Where: The Museum on Main Street, 500 North Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Parking: Available in nearby Kerrytown or the Farmers' Market