The Ethics of Longtermism: Why Care About Future Generations?

Join us for the Launch of the A2Ethics 2023 Summer Symposia Series:
The Ethics of Longtermism 

Symposia Designer: Cullen O'Keefe, Research Scientist in AI Governance at OpenAI
Date: Saturday, May 27
Time: 11am-12 noon EST

Longtermism is the trending "ism" and the moral endeavor of the moment. Longtermists argue that humanity itself is at a decisive moment. We must shift our ethical focus now to existential risks and concentrate on our future. To safeguard humanity, we must prioritize and prepare for our greatest existential threats.

Cullen O'Keefe, an advocate of longtermism, and Research Scientist in AI Governance at OpenAI, is leading our deliberative discussions as the designer of this planned 5 part series.  

Small group public forums, like the Symposia, provide opportunities to communicate our moral interests--in this case--to longtermism advocates and opponents alike about what citizens consider the greatest existential risks to humanity. Equally significant, they afford participants the chance to express and discuss with others their perspectives about who should control and determine our futures. 

We have no doubt that this series with Cullen will be a generative and deep learning experience!








Meet The Ethics of Longtermism Symposia series Designer Cullen O'Keefe. 

Cullen outlines the basics of longtermism and potential Symposia discussion questions/topics in this short video. Click on the arrow to start the video.

About The Designer: Currently living in California, Cullen O'Keefe is a Michigan native and University of Michigan graduate. Among many other activities and honors he received at Michigan, Cullen was captain and helped to start the University of Michigan Ethics Bowl team along with A2Ethics board member Elton Li and HS Bowl coach and judge Kate Leary. He has also been a steadfast supporter of the Michigan HS Ethics Bowl as both case writer and judge. In 2016, Cullen organized "The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles" forum with current A2Ethics Board member and Symposia director, Gabe Kahn.