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Stealing Culture: The Looting of Iraq's Past

When and time: Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 7:30PM

Where: Greenhills School Performing Arts Center

Who says that all young people are moving to Chicago? has made a successfully wooed Katharyn Hanson, the Co-curator of the exhibit, 'Stealing Culture: The Looting of Iraq's Past,' now being shown at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute to Ann Arbor for a conversation and discussion of her work on the exhibit.

Ok, so she is coming for only a few days. But at least did not use any unethical techniques to get her here. Join us for this special evening! If you want to get a preview, click here for the Oriental Institute's description of the exhibit: Better yet, go to Chicago to see it. But make sure you come back to Ann Arbor, or you will be among the young people and talent moving from Michigan to Chicago.