Join Bart and Jeanine as master organist/composer/improviser/teacher Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra gives a lesson in the ethics of teaching music. In the second half of the program, Bart gets a chance to play an improvised duet with the master organist. Please join us in listening to all or parts of this fascinating discussion. Listed below are the approximate times during the podcast where certain topics are discussed and related links. To skip to a section, simply click the button on the moving bar and slide it to the correct time.

Barton Bund talks with Arborist Jack Richardson, founder and CEO of Guardian Tree Experts. The Ann Arbor tree care company approaches the work from a scientific point of view, helping clients preserve their trees, not just cut them down. The young entrepreneur talks about how he started his business on the right ethical foot, and where he sees it growing. Environmental ethics and business ethics are a constant balancing act, in a town with as many trees as this one.

Celebrated dancers and teachers of their art, Peter Sparling and Sheila Graziano, join Bart and Jeanine in a fascinating two-part discussion on the ethics of teaching dance. Their discussions are as kinetically intelligent as dance itself.

Celebrated dancers and teachers of their art, Peter Sparling and Sheila Graziano join Bart and Jeanine for the second part of a conversation on the ethics of teaching dance, the rights and responsibilities of their craft and the ends of dance itself.

Barton Bund and Jeanine Delay discuss what it means to be a Civic Ethicist. Recorded October 27, 2009.

Parents whose schedules are controlled by your 4 or 5 year old children's sport practices and games, this discussion is for you.

Parents  whose children are approaching 14 and are worried that your child is not going to be the next superstar on the court or field, this discussion is also for you.

Transparency is a phenomenon that we comfortably recall from our elementary school science classes. Why is that?  One reason could be that  it is easy to understand and to demonstrate: transparent objects are the ones we can see through. Another reason, however, could be that transparency has ethical properties too. If we have the ability to  see through something, then we believe we can get a more truthful and non-distorted image or understanding of it.

Bart and Jeanine discuss ethics in social work and privacy at the Wellness Community, a free program for cancer patients and their families. With Executive Director Barb Hiltz and Program Director Bonnie Dockham.

Bart and Jeanine talk with legendary Holistic Health Practitioner Linda Diane Feldt about the ethics in the world of alternative medicine. An eye-opening hour-long discussion of health care outside of the mainstream system. For mature listeners only. This podcast contains explicit adult themes not appropriate for young listeners.

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