A2ethics.org discusses how the photojournalist outsider becomes an insider in a community and the ethical problems becoming an insider can pose. Jack Bridges, a freelance photographer, spent over four years taking pictures of the residents of the Robert Taylor Homes, a public housing development in Chicago, while the city debated how to tear the Homes down.

Most people just assume actors take any part they can get. And that actors will do anything, including acting unethically, to get a part. But, as it turns out, actors may have limits too. Or do they?

Find out by listening to the a2ethics.org-sponsored panel discussion hosted by Barton Bund, artistic director and co-founder of the Blackbird Theatre and a cast of veteran actors that he gathered to tell us what matters ethically to actors.

The actors in the panel discussion are: Jon Bennett, Oliver Darrow, Dana Sutton,Lynch Travis, and David Wolber.

A2ethics.org met with Executive Director Jimena Loveluck of HARC (HIV/AIDS Resource Center), and asked her about the challenges of dealing with a disease that some Americans think has been outsourced (like jobs in Michigan) to places overseas, but which she and others who work in the field know is still taking an enormous toll on people living in southeastern Michigan.


Auto company and supplier red ink and job losses? Housing market in steep decline? Rising college tuition costs and student debt overload? During the past year, bad news has taken over. Yet, we know that getting and giving bad news is part of living. And we know that some professionals are "professionals" in the breaking of bad news. As much as anyone, the professional bad news bearers know that what they are doing has serious ethical consequences.

A2ethics.org was fortunate to gather a group of policy-makers and professionals all charged with considering the ethics of reasoned rationing when an generalized epidemic, such as AIDS or pandemic flu occurs. Is is possible to be reasonable in such situations?

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