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Ethics Youth Council: One Case Study Later, A Changed Perspective

In our third Ethics Youth Council podcast, Bonnie Liu, co-captain of the 2017-2018 Ann Arbor Greenhills School Ethics Bowl team, talks with Miguel Cisneros, member for two years of the Huron High School Ethics Bowl Team and author of one of the winning cases in the 2017 A2Ethics Case Writing Competition, which then was selected as one of the 15 cases for the 2018 National Bowl regional case set.  Bonnie and Miguel walk through Miguel's award-winning case on the Ann Arbor deer cull, and how the experience of writing it shifted Miguel's perspective on the cull entirely. They also discuss some of the resources available to Ann Arbor high schoolers, such as DePauw University's summer program on ethics and philosophy classes within the Ann Arbor Public Schools system. Additionally, they break down the different types of ethical approaches an Ethics Bowl participant can take for a case, such as Kantian or Consequentionalist, and explain which ones are their favorites. 

To wrap up the podcast, Miguel asks a question of his own, on the difference betweeen ethics and morals, delving into questions of what motivates our actions and how we think through those motivations. 

Stay tuned for future Ethics Youth Council podcasts to hear more from the talented high school students involved in Ethics Bowl and in creating new activities related to ethics and philosophy in Michigan high schools. 

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