Humans Discuss The Ethics of Robot Cars: April 13, 2016

Can humans talk intelligently about driverless cars without a robot on the panel? 

Find out on April 13, 2016 when A2Ethics and the Michigan Ethics Bowl Team host a public discussion on the ethical issues presented by driverless cars. 

A few of the possible high and low road questions: 

1. Should autonomous vehicles be programmed to select who is more likely to get killed in an accident? Who is morally responsible for these decisions?

2. Would it be ethical for a buyer to choose different programming options? For example, a program that allows a driverless car to bump into slow buses? (Think of a new bumpersticker: Bus Bumper On Board).  

3. Is there an ethical balance between privacy and security? Will the FBI and Google be arguing about who should have access to driverless car data?

4. What are the ethical issues presented by a driverless car company promoting a Super Bowl ad for "the most ethical algorithms?" (Consider the Saint Series or the Socrates Model, a car programmed for principled dissenters.)   

Power up your ethical algorithms and bring your autonomous questions: 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 --  7pm to 9pm
Henderson Room (3rd Floor)
The Michigan League, 911 N. University Ave, Ann Arbor