Is Philosophy In Your Future?

Have you considered studying philosophy in college? EMU Philosophy and A2Ethics invite vou to explore your interests at this year's Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy (UCIP), a highly respected and popular event.
A special panel discussion for high school students, entitled, "Philosophy in Your Future: Doing Philosophy in College," featuring EMU undergrads, graduate students and faculty.

Eastern Michigan University
McKenny Hall
878 W. Cross Street
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Please register by Thursday, March 9 to receive a parking pass. If you have questions, please email Peter Higgins at [email protected].

For the first time, high school students can attend and listen to the sessions during Conference weekend, March 18 & 19. Hear undergraduate philosophy students presenting their work, beginning at 9am each day. Those who register by March 9 are invited to the noon lunch banquets.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Future Philosophers! And consider becoming a philosopher yourself!

Is Philosophy in Your Future Panel