Taking on Vigilantes with WMU Center for the Study of Ethics in Society: Part 1

Vigilantes Through An Ethical Lens

Vigilantes are a popular film subject around the world. In our October Symposium, we present a Bollywood film in the vigilante universe to frame our discussion. This commercial movie was shot in Mumbai, India. 

Discussion: Wednesday, October 12th

  • Film: UNGLI (The Finger), 1 hour, 53 minutes, TV-14, Hindi, Subtitles. Available through Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. YouTube version also available in Hindi only. 
  • You can watch Ungli BEFORE October 12th. If you cannot, please join us for the Watch Party on October 12th just before our discussion starts.   
  • Watch Party time and Discussion access
  •     Film watch: 6pm-7:55pm EDT
  •     Discussion: 8pm-9pm EDT 

If you are an A2Ethics or WMU mailing list subscriber, you will receive a special message on how to access the Watch Party/Discussion. If you are not a subscriber, you can ask to get them at: [email protected].   

Feel free to bring your own thinking kind of popcorn...or a pensive variety of fried samosas, the latter very popular in Mumbai theatres.