A2Ethics.org Policies

Redesign is an idea that we find both motivating and compelling at A2Ethics.org. Take our mission to expand ethics talk spaces and to broaden your opportunities to attend unique events, among them The Big Ethical Question Slam, where both ethics (and beer) are on tap. Or our standing invitation to join our eccentric, but earnest campaign, to redesign and move our polling places to venues which remind us that voting is a celebration and a challenge to what is and what ought to be.

Our policies are designed with this challenge in mind. We also invite you to think about the terms, statements and principles briefly outlined below. Collectively, these policies represent conventions for governing social media and websites everywhere. 

We welcome your comments. And your unconventional and quirky ideas too. We will consider suggested redesigns you have reason to believe would change these policies for the ethical better.  

For your redesign and unconventional suggestions about A2Ethics.org policies, please contact us at: [email protected].

Errors Policy and Ethics Principles -- Mistakes. Yes, we make them. We hope these mistakes are not too numerous or egregious. Mostly, we don't want them to be harmful. For our error prevention plan, see our policy on mistakes. Be sure you also read the equally important principles that we plan to follow as we make our way in the online journalism universe and in the world at large.

Nonpartisanship and Political Activity Statement -- As civic ethicists, you should expect us to be politically active. As a nonprofit organization, you should also expect us to adhere to the rules that prevent us from abusing this trust. We describe these rules in this statement.

Privacy Policy -- This policy tells you how we handle matters of privacy on our A2Ethics.org website and in our organization.

Terms of Use -- The Terms set out guidelines for conduct, their accompanying rules of engagement and your rights and responsibilities, all outlined here in order to assure that this website is valuable to you and to others.