A2Ethics Endowment Fund

 Giving Ethics a Permanent Future

In 2008, the A2Ethics board voted to place $30,000 of its original gift into an endowment fund. Stewardship of the fund is entrusted to the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF). As an established and well-regarded local area organization, the Foundation has an extraordinary knowledge of and an abiding interest in doing well for the people we know as our neighbors.

Why an A2Ethics Endowment?  

Not everyone thinks nonprofit endowments are a common ethical good. Some critics contend an endowment prevents groups from using scarce funds for immediate, and sometimes, urgent needs. No doubt, we could use current funds to roll out new programs and events, given the numerous original ideas we routinely think up to make ethics matter in our public lives. Staying lean operationally, however, affords us creative frugality and fiscal prudence, both ethical virtues that encourage us to focus on inventive programs and events that best fulfill our mission.

An Ethical Will

Our endowment signals that A2Ethics expects our vision to last. In addition, an endowment is a form of loyalty to everyone who believes in our goals, and has contributed in some way to our work in giving different ethics voices a permanent place.

The A2Ethics endowment is our ethical will. It gives us the freedom to think about values we want to pass on, while leaving future generations free to decide on their own lasting values.

Giving to the A2Ethics Endowment

We encourage you to contribute to our Endowment Fund. For more information, please:

Thank you very much for your decision to support A2Ethics.