2022 Virtual Bowl: Scoring

2022 Virtual Bowl: Scoring

The 2022 Michigan Virtual Bowl scoring criteria upon which the judges rely to evaluate Bowl team discussions of the case studies is based on the National Bowl scoring criteria. The link is: https://nhseb.unc.edu/files/2019/09/Scoring-Criteria-2019-2020.pdf

The 2022 Michigan Virtual Bowl score sheet used by all judges is also based on the National Bowl score sheets. To see a copy of the Virtual Bowl judge score sheet: https://nhseb.unc.edu/files/2019/09/Score-Sheet-2019-2020.pdf

Team Rankings, Tiebreakers and Forfeits

Each team will participate in three opening matches/rounds with teams assigned to rounds/matches by random draw. At the end of the third round/matches, teams will be ranked by the number of wins (0-3). 

When two or more teams have the same number of wins, the following tiebreakers will be exercised, in this order:

 • Lowest number of losses (For example, a team that has 1 win,1 tie, and 1 loss will rank higher than a team with 1 win and 2 losses).
 • Highest number of judge votes (Over the course of all completed rounds/matches, a team has the opportunity to win the votes of 9 judges. For example, if two teams finish with 3 wins, but one team has 9 judge votes and the other has 8, the team with 9 votes is ranked higher). 

•    Greatest point differential over all completed rounds/matches (For example, if two teams, X and Y, each with 3 wins and 9 judge votes, but Team X has a total point differential of +20 [winning its rounds/matches by 12, 5, and 3 points respectively ], while Team Y has a point differential of +18 [winning its rounds/matches by 11, 4, and 3 points respectively], Team X will be ranked higher).

•     Highest point total over all completed rounds/matches. 

•     Coin toss. 

The eight quarterfinal teams will be announced/published online after the three rounds/matches have been completed and the score sheets have been re-checked and certified by the head scorekeeper. The top eight teams after the three opening rounds/matches will advance to the quarterfinals.

The rules and procedures for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be identical to the other rounds/matches. The winning teams from each of these rounds/matches will advance (with tiebreakers as determined above). The winning team of the final round/match will be named the 2022 Michigan High School Virtual Ethics Bowl Champion and awarded The Hemlock Cup.  

In the rare event a team experiences a platform technical failure during a match, and after 10 minutes, they cannot return, the disconnected team forfeits the match. The 10 minute allowance includes any other disconnections by any team that occur during a match. For example, if there has already been a team disconnection in a match lasting 5 minutes, and another occurs, then the affected team only has 5 minutes to reconnect. Platform technical failure scoring is as follows:

  • the disconnected team records a loss, but in a forfeit loss, receives any points the team scored before the platform technical failure;
  • the other team records a win and 3 judge votes in addition to points scored before the match ended in the disconnected team's forfeit.

Certification of Round/Match Results

While the moderator assigned to a given round/match announces the winner based on the 3 judges' votes immediately following the virtual round/match, the FINAL results are certified by the Michigan Bowl head scorekeeper for submission to the National Bowl organizers. The certified results will be posted on the 2022 Michigan Virtual Ethics Bowl Scorekeeping site at: https://bowl.a2ethics.org


Scoring for The Virtual Bowl is custom-built to meet the Michigan Bowl's online requirements by Zengenuity, a Michigan-based website development firm.


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