2022 Ann Arbor Slam Team Registration Form

Team Registration Form

The Slam requires a $35.00 registration fee, which comes to about $6.00 per team member, fielding a team of 6. The registration fee defrays a few of the costs for the Slam event. Scholarships are available. To find out about them contact A2Ethics at: [email protected].

To enter your team in the 2022 Ann Arbor Big Ethical Question Slam, please complete this entry form online and submit the $35.00 team registration fee. You can also download and complete the entry form and send a check payable to A2Ethics by mail to: 

2022 Ann Arbor Big Ethical Question Slam
P.O. Box 131384
Ann Arbor, MI 48113   

Deadline for 2022 Ann Arbor Slam Team Registration is: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at midnight. 

Please note: The Big Ethical Question Slam venue can comfortably accommodate six Slam teams. If there are more teams registered, A2Ethics organizers will randomly draw six teams from our trusty and versatile Philosopher's Hat. This method gives every team registered by the deadline a chance to participate. For any extra teams not chosen from the Philosopher's Hat, the $35.00 registration fee will be refunded. We hope, however, that teams not selected will attend as members of the audience.

Teams are welcome to come up with creative names to identify themselves. Some of our favorite names from recent Slams: The Humean Condition; We Nietsche Buy Us A Round; Thoreau-ly Wilde; The Feminosophers; No Kant Test; and The Hypoethicals.