2021 Virtual Bowl Team Theme Songs

The first-ever Virtual Bowl gives us a chance to start new traditions. In 2021, we inaugurated the first-ever Bowl Team Theme Song Contest. The only contest rule: the songs submitted must include an ethics twist/tale or lyrics about an ethics concern. The winner is determined by the most number of votes from A2Ethics volunteers. The winning team receives a $150 cash prize contributed to their school's Ethics Club to use as they wish.    

The 2021 Best Team Theme Song contest was won by the Ypsilanti Youth team for their original songwriting and imaginative production, "Stuck in the Crib,"  about the perils of and living with COVID. Not only is its subject an ethics concern, several volunteers cited its crafting and special attention to its audience.  

The runner-up, submitted by the University Liggett team, was inspired by an opening round case, which we will let you guess: The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"    

Team songs displayed a wide range of concerns and emotions. From funny to fraught. We love them all. And appreciate the many ideas they introduce and share. 

Almost all of the songs, with a few exceptions, were available on Spotify, and are compiled on this special playlist: 


Here is the winning song, "Stuck in the Crib."