Public opinion polls have become so ingrained in American politics that we give little thought to whether such polls are actually beneficial to our democracy.  More compelling, we think, is the increasing willingness  of public opinion pollsters to use their technologies  to tell us about our collective attitudes on a wide range of ethical issues: from whether we "favor" stem cell research to our willingness to "agree"  with some forms of torture.

When Austin Tracy found out he owed back taxes to the IRS, he took a stand. He refused to pay, on the grounds that as a gay American, he has been denied his rights. Jeanine DeLay and Barton Bund discuss the ethical framework for activism. This political gesture has drawn sharp criticism, but Tracy makes a persuasive case. Join us for a fascinating hour-long interview with the young radical.

At A2ethics.org, we may almost be forgiven (okay, maybe not)  if we thought that fair food was one of the fried concoctions sold on a stick, that as children we grazed on, waiting to see the prize-winning animals at our state fairs.

We think our a2ethics.org talk with Nicole Ellison is a bit unique. Ellison is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media at Michigan State.  Fortunately for Bart and Jeanine, our discussion did not just go over the same ethics ground usually covered whenever social media are mentioned: privacy and predators, and predators and privacy. To be sure, we considered privacy and tried to pin its elusiveness down. But for the most part, we ranged far and wide on the social media map.

Jimena Loveluck of the HIV/AIDS Resource Center returns to talk with Bart and Jeanine about the organization, its mission, and the obstacles along the way. HARC was founded in 1986, and CEO Jimena Loveluck has been with the company since 1989. What has changed over the years? How do we separate the myths from the reality when it comes to treating people with HIV infection and AIDS?

For more, visit www.hivaidsresource.org.

Join Bart and Jeanine from Downtown Detroit for a conversation with DTE Energy Chief Compliance Officer Anthony Tocco. The Ethics and Compliance Department is a fixture of many major corporations, and we find out how the ethics of a corporation and its employees stay in balance.

For additional information referred to in this podcast, please follow these links:

DTE Energy Way -- The company's core values.

Join Bart and Jeanine as master organist/composer/improviser/teacher Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra gives a lesson in the ethics of teaching music. In the second half of the program, Bart gets a chance to play an improvised duet with the master organist. Please join us in listening to all or parts of this fascinating discussion. Listed below are the approximate times during the podcast where certain topics are discussed and related links. To skip to a section, simply click the button on the moving bar and slide it to the correct time.

Barton Bund talks with Arborist Jack Richardson, founder and CEO of Guardian Tree Experts. The Ann Arbor tree care company approaches the work from a scientific point of view, helping clients preserve their trees, not just cut them down. The young entrepreneur talks about how he started his business on the right ethical foot, and where he sees it growing. Environmental ethics and business ethics are a constant balancing act, in a town with as many trees as this one.

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