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Submit a Question for the 2016 Ypsilanti Ethics Slam

Without Your Questions

...there would be no Slam at all. We rely on the public to tell us which big ethical questions we should be discussing. For the most part, the questions arrive via email at [email protected]. You can also submit your questions below. Or you can tweet your questions to us @a2ethics using the hashtag #slamquestions.

Piles of questions from previous slam


Rules and Guidelines

Some questions are quite personal. We take every measure possible to assure privacy and confidentiality. The identity of the person submitting the question is unknown to us, unless he or she sends a personal or identifying email. 

In addition, questions must adhere to some rules and follow these guidelines:

Questions must address commplace notions about what people generally think is right and wrong, or what societies believe is good or bad conduct. To get started, look at some of the questions from previous Slams in the Slam Question Archive

Subjects should be truly big in their focus, having broad local significance, national consequences or international impact.

Questions must be short. Please try to express yourself in no more than 150 words. This should be easy if you choose to submit your questions using Twitter.

Duplicate or similar questions will be condensed into one. Because the selection process is random and time is limited at the event, not all questions will be asked during the Slam. 

All questions are subject to editing. 

Some questions seem to recur on a regular basis, much like the four seasons. Even so, in some cases--especially when an issue is in the news or evolving rapidly--we recycle the question.

Certain questions are so highly politicized that having a discussion about them over a beer could make matters worse. Since we are interested in bringing people together for an evening of civil exchanges, we steer clear of these issues: abortion, capital punishment and the Second Amendment. At the same time, ethics questions have real consequences that help or harm people and animals. We think we have an obligation to discuss them. For that reason, we do not shy away from questions that challenge our convivial capacities. Some memorable examples include questions about the use of drones in conflict areas, obligations to provide health care, and the ethics of animal research.

Although no prizes are currently awarded for submitted questions, we do hope to offer them in the future.

How can I tell if an ethical question I face is a large one or a small one?

The Possible Number of Questions Is Vast. Submitting A Question Is Easy To Do:   

1. Email us at [email protected].

2. Tweet your questions to @a2ethics using the hashtag #slamquestions.

3. Submit a question using the form below.


All questions for the 2016 Slam must be submitted no later than Monday, April 4, 2016.