Resources maintains a diverse and growing library of information, ideas and insights on the subject of ethics. Part laboratory, part exhibit, part museum, and part sanctuary, these resources represent our unique contributions to ethics education. Our ultimate aim is to create new ethics curricula for an interested-in-ethics public and for educators wishing to apply an ethics lens to motivate students and enrich subject matter.

Included in our library are:

Atlas of EthicsThe Atlas of Ethics, an ambitious undertaking to explore the influence and impact of philosophers and ethical ideas on places.

Ethics Resource Maps, an up-to-date charting of the places and people doing ethics work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Your Favorite Ethics Documents and Artifacts, a clean-out-the-attic curating project to gather and exhibit "the stuff" and objects that get us to think about ethics, including the well-known ethics documents that have changed the world and the unsuspected artifacts we treasure for the ethical insights they give us as individuals.

In addition, Good Links offers a miscellany of other web-based resources we believe are contributing their own good work in advancing ethics education.