Why Librarians Like The Slam: Alexandra Sarkozy and Rebecca Bizonet

What does it take to be a Big Ethical Question Slam champion - and also grapple with ethics in your everyday life? 

In the second of our "Think Over and Above" series, we endeavour to answer that question with several former Slam champions. On the podcast, we talk with Alexandra Sarkozy and Rebecca Bizonet, librarians at Wayne State University and Lenawee District Libraries, respectively. Both were members of the champion team from last year's Slam, and the second place team from this year's Slam, the "Hume-an Condition". 

Bizonet and Sarkozy discuss their path from loving libraries as children to working in libraries as an adult, and the various career stops they made along the way first, from the Peace Corps to PR. Both also shared how library work ties into ethics for them - with ethical issues ranging from accessibility of materials to levying fines for late books - and the important distinctions between different kinds of library work. 

Additionally, Sarkozy and Bizonet also talk about how the role of libraries continues to evolve - sometimes in controversial ways - to provide additional services to patrons beyond access to information, and the ethical implications of that evolution.