In our first Ethics Youth Council podcast, Bonnie Liu and Harry Bagenstos, co-captains of the 2017-2018 Ann Arbor Greenhills School Ethics Bowl team, discuss what the Michigan Ethics Bowl program is; why they were drawn to it; and tell us a few stories about their own team experiences on Bowl Day. They also highlight the case study--and its essential role in the competition.

In our latest episode of "Authors Talk," we speak with Rob Haddad. Rob lives in New Jersey and is a 1998 Sport Management and Communications department graduate from the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan, where he was also the Chair of the Alumni Society from 2012-2015.

For the second episode of our "Authors Talk" series, we chatted with Teri Turner, RN, BSN, MS, CHPN. Teri  recently retired from her position as Director of Clinical Services at Arbor Hospice. She has been involved in the specialty of hospice care for 23 years. Teri has wide-ranging experience in international health care and a special interest in the impact of culture on health.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Basil Baccouche. Basil is currently studying at Harvard College. He is a graduate of Ann Arbor Pioneer High School, where he competed in the Michigan High School Ethics Bowl for three years, including one Regional championship and trip to the National High School Ethics Bowl in North Carolina. Basil talks about his Most Compelling Case from Ethics Bowl, "Visiting Mr.

We chatted with Elton Li, UM Ethics Bowl founder and longtime A2Ethics collaborator, about his passion for applied ethics. Elton is currently studying medicine at Michigan State University. He discussed his most compelling case from his time with Michigan Ethics Bowl: "Freedom to Burn the Qur'an" (case #2 from fall 2011). We also talk about ethics education in medicine, and the importance of Ethics Bowl as an institution.

In this podcast, UM Ethics Bowl alumna Kate Leary discusses her favorite case from her time with the team: "Bodily Identity Integrity Disorder," a case from the 2016 Regional Bowl that explores the boundaries of medicine. Kate also discusses studying philosophy abroad, her current labwork at the University of Michigan, and majoring in Philosophy while preparing to study medicine.

A2Ethics is thrilled to kick off our "Authors Talk" interview series—in which we chat with past Michigan High School Ethics Bowl case study authors—with Michael Szporluk, who authored the 2017 case "Persons with Disabilities in Institutions." 

Matt Reardon, rising 3L at Harvard Law School and former Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl participant, discusses his most compelling case with us: how a faculty hiring committee should deal with a prospective professor whom students rate lower because he is unattractive. Along the way, Matt discusses his primary extracurricular pursuit: leading Effective Altruism at Harvard.

Matt Deaton talks to us about each of the hats he wears in the ethics sphere — professor, author and former Ethics Bowl Outreach Director— and what he's taken away from his experiences. 

Zoë Johnson-King, a principal founder of the University of Michigan Department of Philosophy Outreach Program, A2Ethics' partner in the Michigan Ethics Bowl, talks to us about her research into the impact of philosophy education. As she tells us on the podcast, this is a topic she knows firsthand, starting with a neon green philosophy handbook she found in her middle school library and, several twists and turns later, ultimately fulfilling her goal of studying philosophy in college.  

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