What Better Life Than Teaching Ethics?

"If I major in philosophy or ethics, what will I be able to do? Other than teach?"

We didn't pose those questions to distinguished ethics teacher Brian Miller. Such questions would never occur to us. After all, what better life than teaching ethics and philosophy? 

And Brian, from what we learned about his versatile and decidedly eudaimonic career--has been able to do just that. He has introduced a generation of Ann Arbor area students to philosophy and ethics in his popular classes at Pioneer and Community High Schools. After teaching thirty years in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, Brian has gone ON to introduce philosophy and ethics to students at Washtenaw Community College. And in another flourish, and notably for friends of A2ethics.org, Brian is one of the three judges for the Big Ethical Question Slam 2.

We believe Brian Miller is too modest. The fact is, there are not many teachers who relish the challenges and bring on the pleasures of philosophy and ethics to students in secondary schools today.  

We need more Brian Millers. An ethical question of the cloning kind? To be sure. Yet, if we don't have more classes of the philosophy and ethics kind, the very subject matter Brian teaches, students might not be able to tell what kind of question it is.