Ethics in a Cast Podcast Series

Barton Bund and Jeanine Delay discuss what it means to be a Civic Ethicist. Recorded October 27, 2009.

An hour-long mind-blowing revolutionary no-holds-barred assault on society. Bart and Jeanine begin by preparing a presentation for the Board, and wind up discussing Ethics in Art, the subtle dangers of language through the ages, superheroes, local festivals, and how to perform public ethical acts.

Join Bart and Jeanine for a behind-the-scenes planning meeting for a2ethics. Their regular meetings cover a lot of ground, and the ethical discussion will take you on a serious trip!

In this meeting we cover:

  • Art and War
  • The death of blogging?
  • Ethical practices for startup nonprofits
  • Teaching and Technology
  • More.

Listen to the minds behind the site!

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