Sharing Instead of Protecting Turf: How Can Nonprofits Best Work Together?

It is a common enough complaint. You generally hear it just before the holidays around the Ann Arbor area. When people are getting annual giving appeals by mail, online or lately, by text message. The complaint? "There are too many nonprofits around here. And don't some of them overlap and aren't they offering similar programs?" Why don't they collaborate and work better together?

Well, many already do. found ou how and what ways by talking to two Executive Directors of two local health care nonprofits, Gloria Brooks of Arbor Hospice and Barbara Hiltz of The Wellness Community of SE Michigan. We were joined by Martha Bloom, Vice President of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, whose good work often includes helping nonprofits to work together both ethically and effectively.

We asked some challenging questions. You may have your own. hopes that you will comment on this podcast. It is the first in a new series: Ethics and A2 Area Nonprofits.