Always Learning: Teachers Talk about Classroom Ethics

What should a teacher do when a student expresses views that are offensive to most of the other students in the class?

How do teachers deal with the perennial problem of early tracking... or to paraphrase Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books of "sorting" students into "houses" too soon?

How do teachers resolve the constant tension between allowing their students to take some risks with their equally important responsibility of keeping kids out of harm's way?

What does fairness look like to a teacher? had a roundtable discussion with two bighearted and hardworking teachers and two sweet-tempered and judicious administrators from independent schools in the area: the Ann Arbor Academy ( and Greenhills School (

What do teachers talk about when they are together? Their students of course. And in our discussion about the ethics of the profession, these teachers had alot to say about what they learn from their students, including most importantly, the ethical insights and mistakes that shape their educational philosophies.