Education and Teaching Ethics Podcast Series

Education continues to command political and public attention; elementary and secondary school reform is frequently mentioned when Americans are asked about what changes are necessary to ensure America's place in the world. 

Even so, amidst all the interest in educational reform, very little has been said about its ethics: that is, whether the most popular reforms offer principled approaches that serve individual students' best interests and the common good of schools and communities. 

Join Bart and Jeanine as master organist/composer/improviser/teacher Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra gives a lesson in the ethics of teaching music. In the second half of the program, Bart gets a chance to play an improvised duet with the master organist. Please join us in listening to all or parts of this fascinating discussion. Listed below are the approximate times during the podcast where certain topics are discussed and related links. To skip to a section, simply click the button on the moving bar and slide it to the correct time.

What should a teacher do when a student expresses views that are offensive to most of the other students in the class?

How do teachers deal with the perennial problem of early tracking... or to paraphrase Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books of "sorting" students into "houses" too soon?

How do teachers resolve the constant tension between allowing their students to take some risks with their equally important responsibility of keeping kids out of harm's way?

What does fairness look like to a teacher?

Auto company and supplier red ink and job losses? Housing market in steep decline? Rising college tuition costs and student debt overload? During the past year, bad news has taken over. Yet, we know that getting and giving bad news is part of living. And we know that some professionals are "professionals" in the breaking of bad news. As much as anyone, the professional bad news bearers know that what they are doing has serious ethical consequences.

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