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March Newsletter: Partnerships in Ethics Flourish

We Partner Therefore We Are.

The 3rd Michigan High School Ethics Bowl is in the record books. We have learned from participants and volunteers how the event can be even more spectacular next year. Let's reflect for a moment on the value of good partnerships. Our partners and co-sponsors, the exceptional graduate students from the U-M Dept. of Philosophy Outreach Program, offer students the foundations of philosophy and the best scholarship. The faculty coaches are accomplished practitioners of teaching in their fields; it is the respect they have earned in their schools that encourages students to participate. And the students! They are the best partners for us all--as we watch them set the highest standards for themselves--and together learn about the value of philosophical thinking in today's world.    

Spread The Slam!
Slam teams are partners-in-ethics. They help spread the Slam ethos. In February, star-studded Arbor Hospice verged on a second win in the 6th Slam. New teams, such as Oakland U's Philosophy Club, came close. In the end, U-M's Ethics Bowl team took the Philosopher's Hat.

The Slam is spreading to Ypsilanti. A new tradition and community gathering: April 21, 2016 at the Corner Brewery. 

Do Driverless Cars Have Duties? 

Partners Michigan Ethics Bowl and A2Ethics host a forum on the ethical issues presented by driverless cars.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 from 7-9pm
Michigan League,
Henderson Room 

More Than Just Talking Heads:
Thursday, March 10th---Tanner Lecture in Human Values
Wednesday, April 27th---U-M Center for Bioethics & Social Sciences in Medicine Research Colloquium and Bishop Lecture