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2021 Virtual Bowl Everyone Should Know Info

The Zoom Code: Expectations for All Match Participants on Bowl Days

1. Basic Gear/Location:
a. Desktop computer or laptop with microphone, webcam, and speakers (headsets preferred). Tablets can be used, but laptops preferred.
b. Reliable high-speed internet connection.
c. Pad of paper and pen/pencil for note writing during the competition.
d. A secondary form of communication (WhatsApp, Group chat, FB Chat, etc.) that can be used by teammates ONLY during competition conferring times. Please note The Virtual Bowl Honor Code below. e. A quiet space free from distractions during the competition. We realize this may be hard to do, but we ask all Bowl participants to try their best.
  2. Expectations:
a. Please close other windows in your browser so there are no extra sounds/notifications. b. Make sure you test the audio and video before each match.
c. Students should make sure their first name, last name and school name appears at the bottom of their screen. Example: bell hooks/Hopkinsville HS.
d. Moderators and judges will include their names and role at the bottom of
their screens. Examples: Xanthippe/Moderator.
e. Coaches will include their names, their role and school. Example: Nagarjuna/Philosopher
Coach/Nalanda University.
f. Be able to use the "mute" functions of Zoom. Please mute your speaker unless you are speaking. And make sure you have your video on.
g. Before Bowl match days, please be familiar with common difficulties in using Zoom. Some troubleshooting tips: and-how-to-fix-them/

The Honor Code: Expectations for Students and Faculty Coaches On Bowl Days
The Virtual Bowl requires several ethical habits, expectations and efforts by students and coaches—and everyone else--to give all teams and students a fair chance and opportunity to be and do their best during the competition. We are confident all students and coaches  will exemplify ethical behavior and be true to these expectations:    

1. No use of outside notes. One exception: Students should have a copy of all of the case studies (without any notes) to refer to during matches.
2. No use of the internet for information-gathering or fact-checking during matches. 
3. No use of other physical resources aside from blank paper and pen/pencil.
4. No communication with outside individuals during the competition. Exceptions can be  made for emergencies at home.

Do think about your obligations to your community, to your team and to each other.